(CBS) — A repo man downstate has been in the “asset recovery” business for 20 years, but this week he did something out of character for a repo man: He helped a couple keep their car.

The couple is elderly. She’s in her 70s and he’s in his 80s. They live in Red Bud, Illinois, south of St. Louis.

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It’s not as if they owed so much on their car. It’s just that they couldn’t pay it.

And the bank called on 41-year-old Jim Ford to do what he does: repossess vehicles.

The couple invited him in.

“She’s talking to me about how her prescriptions have all tripled in price. And on a fixed income, you can’t do anything when something like that happens,” Ford says.

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Ford did his job. He took the car.

“I drove about a block. I called the bank and said, ‘Hey. How about if I just pay this thing current right now?’”

And he ended up starting a Go Fund Me account, which paid for the car in full within hours.

Now he’s kept the account open to help pay for the couple’s prescription drugs.

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