(CBS) — The Thanksgiving feast can be hard on your pets.

WBBM’s Rob Hart reports.

The meal is a buffet of hazards for your dog or cat.

Food is the number one hazard, says Dr. Lori Ross of the North Central Veterinary Emergency Center in Chicago.

Pets may eat too much, or swallow a bone, or eat something they shouldn’t, such as chocolate or fatty foods.

Another hazard? Cooking. A hot stove with all four burners going is not the place for a dog or cat.

“If you drop a pot of boiling water on yourself because you have accidentally tripped over Fido it can be devastating for the holiday season,” Ross says.

Fights can be a problem — not between relative over politics, but between dogs that don’t get along.

If you plan on bringing your pet along on your Thanksgiving journey, make sure it gets along with the animals who already live there.