CHICAGO (CBS) — One of Illinois’ staples will now offer a subscription program that is available nationwide.

Portillo’s announced Tuesday the launch of a yearly subscription food delivery service, named Portillo’s 365.

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Those who subscribe will receive a rotation of Portillo’s most popular dishes, including beef, hot dogs and the famous chocolate cake, right to their house every other month for a year.

The subscription costs $365 and includes shipping. One can subscribe from anywhere in the country.

Subscribers will receive the following menu items:
– Two deluxe packages of Italian Beef Sandwiches slow-roasted, thinly sliced beef cooked with Italian spices and served on French bread (makes 8 sandwiches per package)
– Two 10 packs of Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, topped with customary mustard, onions, relish, sport peppers, tomato, pickle, and celery salt
– One famous Chocolate Cake, with frosting and spatula
– Two slabs of Portillo’s award-winning Ribs, tender baby back slabs marinated in Portillo’s housemade sauce

Click here to subscribe to Portillo’s 365.

And if you just love Portillo’s for their famous chocolate cake and do not want to subscribe for a year to receive it, the restaurant also announced it will begin delivering its ‘Portillo’s World Famous Chocolate Cake.’

The cake was previously only available in restaurants, but due to customers demands of wanting it shipped, Portillo’s has found a way to do so.

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One can order a whole cake for $49.99 and have it shipped anywhere in the U.S. Shipping charges are included.

Click here to order your ‘Portillo’s World Famous Chocolate Cake.’

But to make shipping the cake possible, assembly is required. The double-layer cake will arrive pre-baked, but recipients need to frost the cake themselves. The cake is delivered along with frosting and a spatula.

“Make it fun for family and friends! When you ship our chocolate cake to someone, they’ll receive two-layers of cake, plus frosting and a spatula, so they can frost their own famous Portillo’s chocolate cake just like they made it from scratch!” said in a statement.

The assembly option is so customers can experience the process, from making your own sandwiches, to slicing your own tomato for hot dogs and frosting your own cake. Each shipment includes Portillo’s paper hats too, so recipients can pretend they are their own Portillo’s cook.

Since 2000, Portilo’s has offered a food shipment program in all 50 states. One could order individual offerings but there was never a a subscription program and the cake was never an option.

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The Illinois based restaurant began as a small hot dog stand in Villa Park, Illinois in 1963. In 1994, Portillo’s opened its first Chicago location on Clark and Ontario. Since then, the chain has expanded with 47 locations, including restaurants in California, Arizona, Florida, Indiana and Wisconsin.