By Suzanne Le Mignot

CHICAGO (CBS) — A man arrested in a sweeping street gang racketeering investigation says he had nothing to do with illegal activity and he’s now suing.

CBS 2’s Suzanne LeMignot has his story, in this Original Report.

“It was devastating, for more reasons than one, because I obviously had nothing to do with this,” said Nigel Patrick, reflecting on the day he was arrested in October 2014, in front of his family at their Zion home.

“Marched me out in cuffs,” he said.

Patrick was one of more than 20 people charged with racketeering and street gang drug conspiracy.

Patrick says in a lawsuit that the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office wrongly named him as “an adviser” and “member” of the Four Corner Hustler street gang.

The Mundelein and North Chicago Police Departments are also named in the lawsuit.

Patrick, when he was a teenager, was involved in gang activity but he now says his life is completely transformed. His past associations put him onto investigators’ radar, but he insists he has done nothing wrong.

“I guess just by me being on a wire of a childhood friend that called me, that had nothing to do with gangs, drugs or anything illegal or criminal,” Patrick said.

Patrick, who owns a non-emergency medical transportation company, ended up spending three months in jail. All charges against him were dismissed and a judge ordered his release.

Patrick says his arrest was based on illegally obtained wire taps. A judge ruled the wire taps could not be used as evidence, and his case was dismissed.

“Nigel’s story of innocence and the corruption of a state’s attorney who sought to destroy a life without any evidence whatsoever — that story had to be told,” said Patrick’s attorney, Jed Stone.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s office says it can’t comment because of the pending litigation.

Mundelein Police said it couldn’t make a statement, and North Chicago Police didn’t return a call for comment.

Patrick’s lawsuit is seeking $2.5 million in damages.