By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) I don’t know Indiana athletic director Fred Glass, but I like the way he just did his job in forcing out football coach Kevin Wilson.

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This exit wasn’t after any investigation by some governing body or law enforcement, the usual end-of-scandal conclusion that forces decisions after multiple news cycles, public outcry and stern involvement of higher university officials. It was a person doing what he thought was right to remove a coach who was mistreating his players.

That was the description from sources, who told 670 The Score that Wilson “did not readily buy into concussion claims,” among other issues with his perception of injuries, and that “kids feared retribution if they did not play through.”

Wilson didn’t mention any specific reason other than “philosophical differences,” but his description of newly promoted coach Tom Allen as “demanding but not demeaning” spoke volumes.

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More so did his candid explanation of being conscientious in his work. Even if Glass’s background as a lawyer had him as concerned with potential litigation against the school as the welfare of football players, he acted decisively and with good reason.

“What might be OK at other places, what might be OK in an industry, isn’t necessarily OK here,” Glass said. “That doesn’t make me right or wrong, but I can tell you that I came at this earnestly and with the best interests of Indiana University at heart. An I’ll tell you that I’m proud to be part of an institution that puts doing what it thinks is the right thing ahead of competitive success.”

That sounds like a winner.

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