CHICAGO (CBS) — Racist and Anti-Semitic stickers have been found all over the University of Chicago campus, on many buildings including the building where the LGBTQ club meets, a source told WBBM.

The University of Chicago said it is investigating the posting of at least two fliers that were apparently Neo-Nazi. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

A spokesman for the University of Chicago said the university became aware of the material Sunday morning, after it was found at two locations on campus.

The spokesman said the material was immediately removed.

“The University is aware of this material, which was found and immediately removed at multiple locations on campus yesterday morning,” said U of C spokeswoman, Marielle Sainvilus. “We are investigating the incidents.”

The “material” apparently consists of Nazi propaganda and images. Posters featured pictures of Adolf Hitler, swastikas and the slogan “No Degeneracy, No Tolerance, Hail Victory.”

On the college confidential forum for University of Chicago, a student made a post reading, “Saw it with my own eyes and saw it on the #uchicago twitter hastag. There are more all over the campus plastered on doors and around walkways on the campus. This is the world we live in. Some neo-nazi group who call them selves “atomwaffen division” form (some terrible fascist forum, don’t bother even looking at it) claim to have done this. This type of hatred is NOT okay on campus and I’d think the university would stop stuff like this, guess they just don’t care. Oh well right?”

Attached to the post, the student shared this tweet with an image of what has been seen around campus:

One of the university policies said U of C may “restrict expression that… constitutes a genuine threat or harassment.”

The University of Chicago is investigating the incidents.