CHICAGO (CBS) – Frigid temperatures are not only painfully cold, but they can do physical damage to your skin.

CBS 2’s meteorologist Ed Curran spoke with Dr. Julius Few, a plastic surgeon at the Few Institute about some tips on how to protect yourself from the bitter cold.

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“When you are out in the really, really cold air, and especially when the wind is blowing, it’s almost like resurfacing the skin,” Dr. Few said. “Because the skin is not able to protect itself.”

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Few said use a heavier moisturizer, even if you go oil-free in the summer…

“Because the skin often starts out dehydrated in the winter and being out in the cold actually has a dehydrating effect,” Few said.

And be careful using anti-aging moisturizers during the winter…

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“Moisturizers that have glycolic acid in them or retinals in them,” Dr. Few said. “Naturally dry out the skin.”

Another tip, do not wash your face so much.

“I tell a lot of patients they can often get away with washing their face at night time and then in the morning use a lukewarm water to splash their face and dry,” Dr. Few said.

Tip: Use a humidifier in your house and wear sunscreen every sing day.

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“At least an SPF 20 and if somebody had really fair skin or sensitive skin go up to a 50 plus