(CBS) — Some may say this weather isn’t fit for man nor beast, but dogs — and usually their owners — must go out in it.

Most of those walking through Lake Shore East park Wednesday afternoon were canines and their humans.

One owner, named Dan, says watching his Siberian huskies make snow angels and play in the snow has changed his attitude about the cold.

Like most huskies, JoBo and Chyanne love the cold, so much so that Dan leaves the temperature in his condo at around 62 degrees all year long.

Alice says her tiny Pomeranian, named Greenbeans, doesn’t object to the cold — just the chemicals used to de-ice sidewalks and streets.

Priscilla says the key for her Boxer Jules is to wear booties.

Prudencio, a Jack Russell terrier, was wearing red rubber booties as he tore across the park to fetch a rubber mallard.

His owner, Santiago, says Prudencio doesn’t like to go out when it’s raining or snowing, but once the white stuff has fallen he’s ok with it.

Most of the owners said they take out their dogs at least three times a day and it provides a nice break from work or studying.

Dan says he’s healthier now than when he lived in California because his dogs keep him active.