Anaheim, CA (CBS Local) – As the majority of the country is enduring something miserable that meteorologists are calling a ‘polar vortex’, most minds are drifting to somewhere warmer. Or at least somewhere indoors. Favorite pair of sweatpants, nice cup of hot chocolate with no inherent reason to even think about braving the cold usually fills the scene.

Now, that daydream has just been supercharged with the knowledge that something called Unicorn Hot Chocolate exists in the world. Who do we give our money to?

It’s the brain baby of Joanna Czikalla, who owns a dessert spot aptly named Crème and Sugar in Anaheim, California. The drink is white hot chocolate that’s dyed pink, topped with brightly colored marshmallows and sprinkles.

Czikalla doesn’t cease with just unicorn themed hot chocolate, she’s branched into the shake and cake game. And it looks just as sumptuous and righteous and perfect (and Insta-friendly) as it sounds.


Anaheim is spoiled right now. It’s 61 degrees AND they get all this?!