CHICAGO (CBS) — The brutally cold weather is an invitation for most to stay indoors, but for some animals at Chicago’s zoos the cold weather means good times.

From the gorillas at Tropic World to the dolphins at the Seven Seas Panorama, most of the animals at the Brookfield Zoo already live indoors.

But for snow leopards, polar bears, grizzlies, camels, buffalo, and other furry creatures, the cold weather is time to shine. WBBM’s Rob Hart reports.

Bill Ziegler, Senior Vice President of Animal Programs at the Chicago Zoological Society, said snow and cold weather is these animals favorite time of the year.

“They’ve built and have developed over the aeons to deal with this type of thing,” Ziegler said. “So these animals actually like staying out, in fact they love playing in the snow, as well.”

In fact, he said they are much more comfortable in the sub-zero weather than the dog days of summer, when the polar bears try to keep cool with big blocks of ice.

“In the winter time, they have a great atmosphere out there,” Ziegler said. “And they have a great time playing in the snow.”