CHICAGO (CBS) – A handful of bird enthusiasts have located the majestic birds on Chicago’s South Side.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has more on who managed to shoot the video and why the windy city is appealing to the birds.

With Chicago’s skyline as a backdrop, some birds flock to a part of the South Side.

We’d like to call your attention to Dave Gruver, but his attention is focused on spotting a rare bird – one catching his eye and his camera before.

Back in the spring, however, he captured Bald Eagles on video. Not just a few, he describes a family of young and old flying near a landfill.

His pictures show the six-foot-eight wingspan of the national bird.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife said since 2004 nests surfaced around Chicago. The state of Illinois adding more than 3,100 eagles visit during the winter, more than any other state outside Alaska.

Gruver said they are drawn to the fish in the nearby waters, and due to recent South Side development creating more open spaces. It is easier for them to spot and catch their prey from high above ground.

A soaring feeling to capture on video and see in person.