CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago is remembering a princess and Sci-Fi icon.

Carrie Fisher, known for her role as Princess Leia from the “Star Wars” series died Tuesday after a heart attack. She had been in the hospital since Friday.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross spoke to local fans about how they will remember the actress.

In a Chicago comic store, you can find plenty of pictures and heroic stories.

What Joshua Kelly can’t find, however, is a way to describe the end of Carrie Fisher’s story.

“I just was lost for words,” Kelly said.  He said he feels like he lost a little bit of his childhood on Tuesday.

There is plenty of Star Wars memorabilia including Princess Leia books at Graham Crackers Comics.

Kelly recalls briefly meeting fisher at a convention.

“Super nice, probably the sweetest lady you’d ever meet,” he said.

Her film roots stretched to Chicago, where she appeared in the classic flick, “The Blues Brothers.”

Her performances during the original three Star Wars movies, made her a Sci-Fi icon, but struggles with bipolar disorder and substance abuse followed.

At Star Wars movie, “Rogue One,” the actress death changes the disposition of some movie goers.

Kelly said the mood of shoppers in the store on Tuesday were somber.

Stories cover the wall in the store. But one tale seems more tragic than others on Tuesday.

“She gave that character life,” Kelly said.

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