(CBS) – How was your Christmas celebration?

Not in your “wildest dreams” was it anything like that of one World War II veteran living in Missouri.

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The sounds of Taylor Swift…

“Everything Changed” when Taylor Swift unexpectedly crashes your family party.

Swift heard 96-year-old Cyrus Porter was a huge fan, so “out of the woods” she appeared, causing this gathering to “begin again” and turn into a “love story” of sorts.

The pop star even pulled out a guitar to sing her hit song, “Shake It Off.”

As you can imagine, it was hard for some there to “breathe” at the shock of seeing Swift sing to this great-grandfather, proving she has a “perfectly good heart,” something they now know “all too well.”

And the photos to remember this day…

Swift took time to look at Porter’s war memories hanging on the wall. She, of course, took a selfie with a smiling Porter.

There was a hug and even a kiss – yes, that is Taylor Swift’s lipstick on his face. And then her pointing it out. She took a photo holding a baby with stunned relatives all around, and even posed with other family members.

Swift and Porter are likely “never, ever getting back together” again. She’s hardly “mean,” because for just a few minutes, he could call her “mine.”

About 11 Taylor Swift songs were just embedded into this article, but who’s counting?

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By the way, Swift heard about Cyrus Porter from a profile on the CBS station in Little Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and decided to surprise him as a result.