CHICAGO (CBS) — It’ll be party time around the world tomorrow night and thousands of people will be doing it up big downtown, too.

For those who want to really do it up big, people have forked out as much as $275 per person for the gala at the Hilton Chicago. That price gets people into the top package; a $2,200+ cost for a table for 8, which is sold out.

Kunal Shah works for, which organizes the Hilton party, as well as ones at places like the Hard Rock Hotel, the J.W. Marriott and Lucky Strike.

The least expensive ticket at the Hilton is $139 per person.

“People are putting on their fancy clothes and dancing shoes. We want everyone to have a great time, come out and look nice, dress well; celebrate the festivities, and yet be safe,” Shah said.

One of the highest-priced New Year’s packages around, at more than $3,000 for a table for 12 at the Hard Rock Hotel, also is sold out.

Shah said people like going out and glamming it up on New Year’s Eve.

“I think it’s just that celebration of another year is done, and another year is about to begin, and there’s something to look forward to,” he said.

Other examples of prices include:

• As little as $100/person at 8fifty8 NightClub at 858 W. Lake St.; Also at 8fifty8 NightClub, people can opt for the Diamond Table package which seats 12 for $1,400, plus an additional $100 per person. Diamond package includes 5 bottles of vodka, and 5 bottles of champagne.
• At J.W. Marriott, tickets from $124 per person to $1,000+ for table for 4
• At Hard Rock Hotel, tickets from $149 per person to $3,000+ for a table for 12 (sold out)