CHICAGO (CBS) — A call to a violent domestic disturbance, ends with a 17-year-old boy shot by a DuPage County Sheriff’s deputy.

And as CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports, there are still many unanswered questions.

“We’re a strong knit family, a faith based family,” said uncle, Alfonzo Singletary. “Through prayer we know we’ll make it through it.”

Alfonzo Singletary speaks about the death of his nephew, Trevon Johnson.

“We’ve got a person who was unarmed and now he’s dead,” Singletary said.

Johnson was shot Monday by a DuPage County Sheriff’s deputy.  The department said the deputy responded to a violent domestic incident at the family home, in unincorporated Villa Park.

“I know that the state has already given a narrative, the police department, of what happened,” Singletary said. “We want you all to wait until you hear our side, our narrative, before anybody makes any decision or judgment of what happened.”

Julie Dollinger lives across the street.

“I’ve had no problems with them,” Dollinger said. “I’ve talked to the children and that part, but the police have been called numerous times over there, I mean, there have been incidences there, quite a few times.”

Singletary says his 17-year-old nephew was going to school and had a part-time job.

“Trevon was a very important part of our family,” Singletary said. “He was a young guy, full of energy. Had a lot to live for.”

The family attorney said, in a statement, the shooting was unjustified and the deputy should be held accountable for his actions.

Illinois State is leading the investigation into the police involved shooting.