(CBS) — It’s a matter of style and substance in Washington during President Obama’s final days.

Substance on Capitol Hill, where Obama met with Democratic lawmakers, and style at Joint Base Myers Henderson Hall, where the president on Wednesday thanked members of the armed forces for their service during his eight years in office.

The president, at times clearly emotional, talked about what their service meant to him, CBS 2 Special Contributor Jay Levine reports.

He told them there was no greater privilege, no greater honor, than to than serving as commander of the greatest military in the history of the world.

He said he’d miss them, and Air Force One, when he leaves the White House for the last time in two weeks.

We know he’ll remain here in Washington until his daughter, Sasha, graduates from high school.

But even after that, it’s becoming clear that he probably won’t return to Chicago full-time. And he shouldn’t have to, one of Obama’s former chiefs-of-staff says.

“I don’t think he personally owes the city at this point, after all he has given over the last eight years,” William Daley says. “I think he has paid back the people of Chicago and the state of Illinois in many, many ways as president, in a very positive way.”

Some think President Obama and his wife will settle in New York. A source close to the president says he will always maintain a residence in Chicago.

Levine will interview Obama on Thursday.