(CBS) — Movie buffs will have another opportunity to soon channel their inner Siskel-and-Ebert in Oak Lawn.

On a Saturday every month, starting Jan. 14, “Cineversary” will take place at the Oak Lawn Public Library.

Cineversary founder Erik Martin has curated 12 films for 2017 that are celebrating anniversaries. The first film will be Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs,” which was released 25 years ago.

“We’re going to talk about sociological and historical context, what was it like seeing this particular movie for the first time when it was originally released in the theaters. We’re going to discuss elements of the film that, perhaps, haven’t aged so well,” Martin explains.

Other films to be seen and talked about include “Casablanca,” “Star Wars,” and “Annie Hall.”

Martin already leads a movie discussion group once a week at the Oak Lawn Park District. Cineversary is an off-shoot, celebrating milestones for exceptional movies.

“I thought it would be a fun idea to wish happy birthday to one of your favorite movies,” he says.