(CBS) — A Kendall County man is raising money to help find who’s responsible for vandalizing the veterans memorial wall in Oswego.

For the past several weeks, the village of Oswego has been hit by a graffiti tagger.

It started with some stores – a flower shop, a bike shop.

Then, more recently, a wall that’s near the veterans memorial.

“That was kind of the last straw,” says Rick Jacobsen, who comes from a military family in Kendall County.

He decided to start a fund to help. And he says before he knew it, a lot of people were pledging money.

“I have pledged about $1,500. And I quit talking about it because I didn’t know what to do with the money. Once I repost it, I’m sure other people are going to join in. But that’s what I’ve recorded so far.”

Jacobsen says some of the money will go into a reward for information leading to the graffiti tagger. And some will go toward cleaning up the wall at the memorial.

He can be reached via his Facebook page.