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Your company’s identity is more than your mission statement, your logo or your product. When it comes to your brand, you have a blockbuster on your hands, a rich and vibrant story overflowing with emotion and adventure. Your characters are relatable, unforgettable and relevant to today’s culture. Your raison d’être is impactful, a moral theme that invests people in your company. While sales are important to every small business, they should not be the focus of the story you tell. Here are a few tips on how to make people care about your company by telling a story through your brand.

Never Forget The Backstory

How did your company come to be? What was that flashpoint moment that ignited your resolve and made it turn into a blaze of action? Share the essence of that history in a spirited way in everything you do from the enthusiastic customer service you offer to the stylized artistry that makes your logo pop.

Offer A Multidimensional Portrait Of The Protagonist

Everyone likes to be able to identify with the hero of the story. Too perfect and it’s unrealistic; too flawed and it’s undesirable. Balance out challenges with triumphs. In your dealings with customers, be transparent — let them see something real and genuine.

Encourage Emotional Shares

Obviously, there is a financial aspect to why you started your company, but don’t forget that there’s a potent emotional component too. Ties of the heart become powerful bonds that keep people together through hard times. Encourage your customers to share those moments when they first connected with your company on a deeper level through personal stories of their own.

Make It A Visually Compelling Story

A picture is worth ten thousand likes. With all the different social media platforms available and the high quality capacity of phone cameras, it’s pretty much inexcusable not to have your brand’s story visually represented. Imagine if a car dealership shared a photo of a customer sitting in their new car for the first time. Such a photo would capture the radiant joy of that moment in a way no ad ever could.

Make It A Purpose-Driven Story

To help tell your story, align with a charity that reflects your purpose. If you have a thrift shop for teens,  offer a percentage of your proceeds to an organization that provides outreach to teens. If your company is animal friendly, hold fundraisers for groups that champion animal rights. Find something you believe in and use your company as a vehicle to make a difference.


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