CHICAGO (CBS) — Hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to participate in more than 250 women’s marches around the world.

The solidarity movement is for women’s and civil rights and one, if not the biggest showings, is expected in Washington, D.C.

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The large scale solidarity movement comes less than 24-hours after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, but several march organizers insist the march is not an anti-Trump march – it is a march on rights, especially women’s rights.

Organizers said the women’s march is meant to show global support for women’s rights, human rights and social justice.

And on Saturday morning, the people pouring into Washington D.C. to fight for those rights.

And here is a view of the from above…

Washington Senator, Patty Murray tweeted a picture of the crowd, stating “Together we will fight, and together we will win.”

And the crowds continued to grow throughout the morning.

And here is an aerial view of the crowd, once the march was underway Saturday afternoon.

Supporters young and old, attending the march – cheering on human rights.

Hundreds carried signs throughout the march reading…

We demand ethical leadership,

Keep your rosaries, off my ovaries,

Keep your laws off my body,

Don’t normalize, don’t rationalize, don’t close your eyes – Stand Up! Stay Strong! Resist!

The rights should never stop coming!

Men of quality do not fear equality!

The march on Washington was said to have a crowd of 600,000.

Women fill the steps of the National Gallery of Art

View of The Mall as each section fills up one by one.

Shortly before 1 p.m., officials said people were standing along the entire march route.

The crowd is still expected to march toward the Ellipse, an area of the National Mall in front of the White House, though no formal march will be led.

For a live look at the Women’s March on Washington, check out their video.