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Many small businesses owners feel like they lack the time, resources and capital to explore energy saving options. But while it can feel daunting, making your business more energy efficient is not only possible, it’s essential, with the potential to add significantly to your bottom line.

ComEd launched the Small Business Energy Savings program in 2011 to help small business owners save energy and cut costs. ComEd initiated the program as a way to provide them with the necessary tools to cut their energy usage and reduce overhead expenses.

As part of the initiative, ComEd provides small businesses with a free energy assessment, customized report and suggestions for how they can save on energy and expenses. Using a highly personal approach, a thorough inspection is performed on customers’ facilities and customized recommendations for improvements and upgrades are offered based on individual needs.

ComEd has addressed the challenges that contractors face in providing cost-effective energy efficiency projects to small businesses by training them to become quality trade allies and deliver energy savings. These partners were empowered to help small businesses save energy in a way that was both easy and affordable. Through this effort, ComEd’s Small Business Energy Solutions have helped roughly 20,500 small business owners achieve over 400,000,000 kW of energy savings.

The number of organizations benefiting from this program increased across the ComEd service area in its first four years. Due to the Small Business Energy Savings program’s success, new incentives, products and technologies were incorporated and a paperless program design was introduced in order to streamline user experience and facilitate its adoption. Moreover, growing customer demand for these services encouraged the creation of a multitude of new jobs related to energy efficiency.

Through its innovative Small Business Energy Savings program, ComEd has enabled small businesses to cut their energy usage and overhead costs, while empowering contractors to provide cost-efficient energy savings solutions.

Want to learn more about saving on energy costs for your small business? Contact ComEd at 1(855) 433-2700 or visit ComEd.com/Business.


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