CHICAGO (CBS) –A 29-year-old dean of operations at a South Shore elementary school is charged with criminal sexual assault. He’s accused of raping a 14-year-old student.

Prosecutors say Bradwell School of Excellence Dean Stanley Carothers first raped the teenage girl after she’d been sent to the office for disciplinary reasons. State’s Attorney’s Spokeswoman Tandra Simonton says the assault was in March of last year.

“The defendant would have sex with the victim at the school or at the defendant’s apartment. The defendant and the victim would communicate over Facebook Messenger about making plans to meet for sex,” she said.

Simonton also claimed Carothers had keys to the school, and would let himself and the victim into the building during the summer to have sex.

Prosecutors say the girl told someone about the relationship.

Subsequently, Carothers was fired.

He appears in court again Feb. 14.