(CBS) — Undocumented immigrants in Chicago are wondering where the president’s policy will leave them — and those they care about.

This is a day that 33-year-old Tania Unzueta was afraid would come, ever since President Trump first started talking about a wall when he was a presidential candidate.

“I think what we’ve been trying to do is figure out where we can push back and where we can organize, so that it’s not all so depressing,” she says.

Unzueta lives in Little Village, and she is allowed to be here because of DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. She knows that under a Trump administration, her future is uncertain.

She is from Mexico. Her family is undocumented.

And the proposed border wall?

“Instead of slowing down immigration, what it means is more people will die when they try to cross the border,” she says.