An Indiana physician has become a victim of what police believe to be a check fraud ring operating on a fairly large scale.

Fraudulent checks amounting to thousands of dollars have been written at stores such as Lowe’s, CVS and Lexus dealerships. Hobart Police Department Lieutenant James Gonzales thinks the doctor is the victim of a check fraud ring occurring within the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area. He said the checks just keep coming in.

“The victim’s daughter’s identified over 73 hundred dollars of fraud committed in her mom’s name,” he said.

The doctor’s daughter, Anne, said bill collectors are overwhelming her mother every day.

“Every time we get a new letter, it’s in a new town, it’s in a new store, seems like we can’t keep up with it,” she said.

Anne’s mother lives in Illinois and has a practice in Northwest Indiana. She said the fraud is affecting all aspects of her life.

“It’s very scary on many levels, financially, her credit and also her reputation,” she said.

Different people have been captured on surveillance at different stores. Authorities are continuing to investigate.

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