By Megan Mawicke

CHICAGO (CBS) — Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt is 97 years young. Loyola’s resident rock star “boogies” around campus in her maroon monogrammed Nike’s, a gift from the men’s basketball team.

“Sometimes they say, ‘Sister Jean, you remind me of my grandmother,’ and I say, ‘No, your great grandmother. Your grandmother would not like to hear that because she’s about 20 years younger than I am,'” she says.

Sister Jean has been at Loyola for more than a half-century, is the chaplain of the men’s basketball team and was just inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame. She offers more than spiritual guidance to the players; she also provides a scouting report on their opponent during prayer before every game.

“I tell them guys to watch out for on the other team and to not let anybody get under their skin,” she said. “We ask God to keep us free from injuries and play with great sportsmanship. We pray for the referees that they can see clearly and fairly.”

Sister Jean is at work every day at 8 a.m.

“My first day on the job, when I got to my office, their was a file folder from Sister Jean,” head coach Porter Moser said. “It was a scouting report of every player I inherited — full blown detail, like, hey number 20 needs to work on his left hand this summer.”

“She’s always like, ‘Keep playing hard, you played so hard out there, keep making those beautiful threes’ and stuff like that,” Loyola guard Clayton Custer said. “It just makes your day better.”

Her office is right in the middle of the student union, which is just how she likes it.

So what is her secret?

“I enjoy life,” Sister Jean said. “I just have a good time and take time to pray too.”