By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — It has been 25 years since actress Tia Carrere’s breakout role in ‘Wayne’s World,’ and she is getting ready to celebrate the movie that helped put her in the national spotlight.

The cult classic about two buddies and their basement public-access show also put Aurora, an Illinois River Town, on the national map.

“I think it’s an amazing movie,” Carrere said. “I think it’s about underdogs striving to make their dreams come true with their best friends.”

Wayne’s basement was carefully recreated in the Aurora house, helping to kick-off movie screenings beginning this weekend.

And Carrere will be part of the fun.

“It’s this time capsule, but also, it’s timeless. So it’s kind of both,” Carrere said.

There will be special screenings of ‘Wayne’s World’ across the area on Tuesday, Feb. 7 and Wednesday Feb. 8.

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