CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences’ expectant sow delivered her piglets Tuesday night, a day behind schedule.

The 5-year-old mother, named Sugarbeet, paced around her enclosure until minutes before she began to give birth in the school’s barn, at 3857 W. 111th St., in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood. Instructors at the school say she slept a lot in recent days.

Those participating in the chat indicated that the farrowing (birthing) process had a “relatively easy time of it.”

It appeared that 10 healthy piglets were nursing just minutes after being born, with assistance from students and staff.

An expectant sow is a yearly part of the school’s curriculum, giving students a chance to observe the sow during its 115-day gestation period. Sugarbeet had been on a live stream for five days.

Those who visited the school’s Web page also could vote to name the piglets. Favored names included Truffles, Pumba and Waddles.

Last year, a different sow delivered 12 piglets, seven of which survived the birthing process.