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In the current business climate, technology is evolving quickly. Some technology improvements are glaringly obvious, such as smart phones and computers, but your company may be missing out on improvements being made to other technologies, including printers. Many of these devices are now optimized for greater productivity and time savings.


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Reducing Technical Difficulties

One of the biggest challenges to running a small office is tech support. If your office does not have a full-time tech support person, it can be expensive to fix random problems that pop up from time to time, including errors with print drivers. New printer models eliminate the need for a driver, reducing the need to configure and troubleshoot multiple devices for many users.


Print Across Devices

Many entrepreneurs are busy individuals who are always on the go, and there may not always be a printer nearby. With printers such as the Canon MAXIFY MB5420, users can “air print” from multiple devices including phones and tablets. These printers also let users scan directly from a phone and send documents into a cloud, eliminating the time spent searching through your briefcase looking for notes from different meetings.


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New Ways To Manage Devices

Another time saving feature of newer printer models is the ability to control them via apps on phones or tablets. Being able to access your device on the go saves the need for endless reminders, and it can even help you become more organized. Having such capabilities makes it easier to keep track of easily misplaced documents, including receipts. If you’re at a business lunch, just scan the receipt and print it when you get into the office to free up room in your case. This way, you’ll also have access to the date and time of the receipt making it easier to match expenses with projects.


Taking advantage of new technology saves time and money, allowing you to work more efficiently. By integrating your network and printer with your phone and other devices, you can stay focused on your product and stellar customer service.


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