(CBS) — A teenager from St. Charles who had both legs amputated this summer has now received two prosthetic legs from a foundation started by a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings.

It was the second bomb that injured Heather Abbott’s left leg near the Boston Marathon finish line.

“It felt like it was in a lot of pain. It felt like it was on fire. But I didn’t look at it. I felt like if I looked at it I might go into shock,” she recalls.

After her leg was amputated, Abbott started a foundation to help other amputees.

And the most recent is 19-year-old Vidal Lopez, who lost both legs because of a car accident in Mexico this past summer.

“I was very desperate and sad sometimes,” he says.

But now -he is getting used to his new prosthetic legs, thanks to the Heather Abbott Foundation, which paid for the state-of-the-art, $70,000 legs.

“I think in a few weeks or months, I’m going to be the same guy that I used to be. I think that I’m going to run. I think I’m going to play soccer,” Lopez says.