CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago has gone nearly two months without a full inch of snow in any one day; in fact, there hasn’t been an inch of snow overall since the start of winter.

According to the National Weather Service, Monday was the 58th day in a row without a one-inch calendar day of snow.

Since the astronomical start of winter on Dec. 21, only 0.6 inches of snow has fallen in Chicago, breaking the previous record of 3.1 inches, set in the winter of 1927-28.

Until this winter, the latest one-inch calendar day of snow on record in Chicago was Feb. 6, 1933.

With temperatures expected to be above freezing for all but a few hours of the next 10 days, it could be the end of February before this snow drought ends. Flurries are possible Tuesday evening, but totals likely won’t come close to an inch.

Record temperatures are possible this weekend, when temperatures could reach the low 60s.

The trend so far this season flies in the face of multiple forecasts for the winter.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac did predict relatively mild temperatures this winter for Chicago, but also predicted more snow than usual.

The Farmer’s Almanac, a different publication established in 1818, predicted a very cold and snowy winter for Chicago.

City officials also expected a lot more snow than usual this winter, predicting 43 to 50 inches. The normal for winter in Chicago is 36 inches.

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