HOLMEN, Wis. (CBS) — A senior high school student at Holmen High School in Wisconsin wanted to make every female student feel special this Valentine’s Day and did so in a big way.

“A lot of people don’t get flowers, and then they get mad if they don’t get flowers, or sad if they don’t get flowers. I am handing out roses to every girl in the school,” said Holmen High School senior, Zack Peterson, in an interview.

Peterson spent weeks planning and prepping for this grand gesture. He spent $450 and showed up to school on Tuesday, Feb, 14 with hundreds of roses – one for each female in the school.

Meaning the flowers were not just for the girls in school, but Peterson also included the lunch ladies, office ladies and guidance counselors.

One by one, from freshman to seniors, the girls lined up to receive a rose from Zack. No one was expecting such a kind act on Valentine’s Day and some even left in tears.

And Peterson’s love and thoughtfulness did not stop there. Peterson said he bought his mom an entire bouquet of flowers.