CHICAGO (CBS) — If you have not been giving your pet monthly flea, tick and heartworm medication this winter, it’s time to start.

Dr. Natalie Marks, co-owner of Blum Animal Hospital in Lakeview, said the parasites are loving the warmer weather as much as people are.

“We’re seeing fleas and ticks on dogs that literally just go outside to walk around the block and come back in,” she said.

Marks said there needs to be a substantial deep freeze to get rid of most of the parasites. She also advocated for getting canine flu vaccines for dogs, especially if owners plan on boarding them.

“I don’t think flu ever left and this is the time, early March, when we started to see respiratory cases,” she said.

This year’s canine flu strain, H3N2, is the same one that sickened thousands of dogs two years ago. The Chicago area has already seen about 70 cases, which prompted the Anti-Cruelty Society to temporarily halt adoptions last week.