CHICAGO (CBS) — The people of Chicago haven’t been the only ones loving this long stretch of spring weather in February; the animals at Lincoln Park Zoo have been out frolicking in the warmth, too.

“The animals really enjoy it,” Lincoln Park Zoo general curator Dave Bernier said.

Animals that typically spend most, if not all, of the winter indoors have been venturing outside the last few days, thanks to temperatures that repeatedly have hit the 60s.

“There are some animals that don’t get out a lot in the winter, and they get to spend all day outside in this weather,” Bernier said. “Today you’ll see our rhinos outside, maybe wallowing in the mud. You’ll see our giraffe and our red river hogs outside for the first time in a couple of months.”

Even the Japanese snow monkeys could be seen out lounging in the sun.

Lots more people have been visiting the zoo, as well.

“It’s been fantastic. We had a great weekend, with a lot of people coming out, and as this weather lasts, we’ll keep having more people,” Bernier said.

Bernier said there’s no concern for animals conditioned to cold weather, like the penguins.

“They’ll seek out the cooler places in their exhibit,” he said. “The penguins are pretty seasonal. They’re used to the cold weather, but they can go into their pool and cool off if they need to.”

Chicago has had six consecutive days with temperatures reaching at least 60 degrees, and the city could flirt with another record high on Wednesday. The record high for Feb. 22 is 68 degrees, and CBS 2 Meteorologist Megan Glaros reports there’s a good chance Chicago will match that temperature.

However, it’s unlikely to get into the 70s as had been forecast at the start of the day, thanks to clouds and fog that lingered longer than expected.