(CBS) — John Ellison stepped aside as a 12-year-old New Jersey singer transformed the lyrics to his 1967 song “Some Kind Of Wonderful,” giving it a new, powerful meaning.

12-year-old singer Gianna Caruso chose to collaborate with Ellison on an anti-bullying anthem using his song. CBS 3 Philly reports.

“No one should be bullied; no one should feel pain and feel like they shouldn’t go to school,” Caruso said. “This song shows you that you’re some kind of wonderful, and you should be confident with yourself.”

Inspired by Gianna’s gusto to give bully victims hope John kept the chorus, but…

“With that message, listening to her and my mind just went back. As opposed to being in love, I’m in love with myself,” said Ellison.

She then turned the anthem into a YouTube video.

“The good part about the way she thinks is that everything is positive,” Ellison said. “If they get the message that she’s putting out there, it’s going to touch the world.”

“I’ve been ignored, I’ve been excluded, but I just want to show people no matter what happens, you’re going to be okay,” Caruso said. “You’re going to be strong, you can get through it.”