CHICAGO (CBS) — An Indiana State Trooper has created a tongue-and-cheek public service announcement video that has gone viral.

Indiana State Trooper Sargent John Perrine introduced the world to what he says is an incredible feature to every car – the turn signal. WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

Sgt. Perrine posted Friday a video to his Facebook page speaking about the “incredible” feature.

“So if you look at your steering wheel, to the left side of your steering wheel, there’s a stick that comes down. That’s pretty incredible. That’s called a turn signal,” Sgt. Perrine said in a Facebook video. “If you push it down, let me show you what it does – it’s amazing. At the front of your car, it starts making a light flash. Now if you push it down, it indicates that you are going to turn left. But not only on the front! Let me show you what it also does here, on the back of your car, it also flashes a light.”

Perrine closes out the video explaining why it’s important to use a signal. “This is not only the right thing to do, it’s not only against the law not to use it, but it’s the courteous thing to do.”

He said the turn signal can prevent crashes and road rage, by helping those around you, that you are going to change lanes or make a turn.

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