(CBS) – A Texas mother said she found a pill in her child’s pre-packaged snack, but the company that makes the product said it is highly unlikely.

Mother, Meghan Holt Davis had given her 6-month-old son Gerber Puffs and noticed something that did not belong – a piece that looked liked a white pill. CBS Dallas Fort Worth reports.

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“I put B into his high chair and dumped some Puffs onto his tray & a little piece of what looks like a white pill came out with them. After removing him, I dumped the rest of the container and found another little piece,” said Meghan Holt Davis on Facebook.

Holt Davis said she contacted Gerber within minutes of her findings and then posted a photo on Facebook.

On Feb. 17, she updated the post stating she took the “foreign object” to be tested in two different cities and three pharmacists concluded the object was a Tylenol 300mg with Codeine.

Holt Davis contacted both Gerber and Walmart, where she bought the Puffs. Consumer Justice also contacted Gerber and learned the company has a strict employee policy to prevent these issues.

The company said employees are not allowed to bring anything into the room where Puffs are made and packaged. They’re not even allowed to wear shirts with pockets, just to be safe.

Gerber said it is investigating Davis’s report, and that it has received no other reports like this.

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On Feb, 19, Holt Davis updated her Facebook post again with the new that other families have reached out saying they had similar experiences. The families sent her information, pictures, case numbers & complaint file numbers where Gerber has “swept this recklessness under the rug.”

Holt Davis continued, “This Momma & Daddy WILL get something done about this! And as I always say, continue to be vigilant when giving your child pre-packaged snacks!”

On Feb. 23, Holt Davis updated her post again with news that some Illinois parents found a white tablet of medication in their child’s Gerber oatmeal and filed a police report.

“I just got off of the phone with that police department and they informed me that they had sent the evidence to Gerber and that Gerber said it was an isolated incident and never reported back their findings,” she wrote. “Just a quick update for those who seem to believe this is not real or it is not worth raising concern over.”

She noted that the container of Puffs was sealed twice, once under the lid and one sealed around the lid.

“Both seals were 110% in tact with no holes, cuts or damage. The container its self was in perfect condition. When I notified Gerber within minutes of my finding I did inform them of that from the start.”

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Davis, whose Facebook post has been shared more than 143,000 times, said she wants Gerber to increase safety.