By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) — President Donald Trump is expected to issue a new immigration order this week.

Illegal immigrants, concerned about being deported, are rushing to find guardians for their children.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports area churches are helping pair them with families willing to help.

There is more to this Ash Wednesday gathering in Pilsen than Mass.

Outside the sanctuary doors, those willing to take in children of deported immigrants — should that happen — are putting their names on a list.

Christine Baker isn’t even a member of St. Paul’s Parish. She lives in Oak Park. But if President Trump orders a swift deportation of those here illegally – those with or without criminal records — her family is ready to care for kids left behind.

She and her husband would be willing to take two children, but she adds: “Certainly we would talk about it someone called.”

St. Paul’s isn’t the only church spearheading this effort. Volunteers say those signing up will be vetted and then matched with families.

Pilsen resident Adela Garcia, three grand kids in tow, didn’t hesitate when to agree to care for children disconnected from parents. It doesn’t matter whether she can afford it or not.

“It’s about love that you have for children,” Garcia says.

Volunteers say attorneys, working pro bono, will make sure any guardian arrangement is legal.

This effort comes the same week Cardinal Blase Cupich says federal immigration officials will not be allowed inside Chicago’s churches without a warrant.