CHICAGO (CBS) — A week has passed since a 29-year-old accused murderer was mistakenly given his freedom. The Cook County Sheriff and the Illinois Department of Corrections are continuing to point fingers of blame at each other

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

Sheriff Tom Dart wrote a letter telling the state’s Department of Corrections that if they would have checked with Cook County, accused killer Garrett Glover would still be in custody. Cara Smith, Chief Policy Officer of the Sheriff’s Office, said Corrections was the last entity to have hands on Glover.

“We would hope that there would have been, or will be going forward, more robust checks and balances,” she said.

The Corrections Department fired back, saying it could not accept responsibility for the Sheriff’s Office error. Department spokeswoman Nicole Wilson said her staff did its due diligence.

“We checked appropriate paperwork. We checked the systems we should have checked.  We trust that Cook County provides the appropriate paperwork and information regarding open cases,” she said.

Wilson said also said Cook County provided appropriate paperwork on other inmates, but not for Garrett Glover.

The sheriff’s office claimed it now has a new system and will not transfer any inmates to the state if they have an open case.

Glover has been a free man for almost a week now.