CHICAGO (CBS) — Northeastern Illinois University has laid off student aides as state universities try to save money because of the budget impasse in Springfield.

WBBM’s Michele Fiore reports.

Nearly 300 students received an email with the bad news.  The State Universities Civil Service System implanted a new rule ensuring adult employees were not the only ones taking a hit financially.

“How do we make sure that if employees are going to be impacted by a furlough program that we don’t place the entire burden, if you will, on one group of people,” asked SUCSS executive director Jeff Brownfield.

Full-time student Amy Sticha worked in the biology lab and had a feeling this would happen. She used her paycheck to help pay her tuition and rent.

“Any new job I get isn’t going to be nearly as accommodating of my classes, I’m probably going to have to drop down to part-time student,” said Sticha.

Northeastern Illinois University also plans to close its entire Chicago campus during this month’s spring break.