CHICAGO (CBS) — Lifelong Englewood resident and journalist Rashanah Baldwin produces a radio program called “What’s Good in Englewood” that features positive news stories.

Baldwin doesn’t deny that there’s gun violence in the area, but she says she doesn’t feel as if she lives in a war zone as some suggest.

“I never walk out of my house feeling fearful. I’m not cautious of looking over my shoulder every time I step out the house,” she said.

But Baldwin acknowledges that violence exists in certain pockets of the neighborhood, calling it “ebb and flow.” Her opinion, however, is not the general conses of the community.

“Some feel different than I, but we know we have to address the issues, we know that Englewood still has work to be done,” Baldwin said.

Greater Saint John Church Pastor Kevin Brooke says there’s more economic violence and disinvestment in Englewood, but both say there are efforts underway to change that.

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