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Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most cost-efficient and highly effective pieces of marketing for any business. By providing exceptional customer service and a great product, your customers will tell their friends about your business. Existing customers are considered credible by people they know, so this type of advertising tends to carry more weight than other channels.


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Customers Trust People They Know

People tend to trust those people who they know personally. They find these people to be honest and truthful, and they know that their friends and family aren’t being paid to promote a brand. A Forbes.com article titled “Why Word-of-Mouth Advertising is the Most Important Social Media” states, “92 percent of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.”


Your Customers May Be Influential

Your customers can consist of anyone within and beyond the community, which may include influential people. If a person who is influential on social media chats with followers about your brand, the results can be great for your business. A Forbes.com article titled “Influencers Are the New Brands” outlines reasons why these influencers may be more effective than other marketing channels. “With 47 percent of customers using Adblock technology, traditional digital advertising channels often have limited effectiveness.”


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Customers Advertise For You

When a business sells merchandise, your customers may become your billboard. For small businesses such as coffee shops, art galleries and boutiques, customers who wear apparel and accessories that feature the company’s logo offer the chance to build recognition. Someone who wears your t-shirt around town is generating potential buzz for your product.


These are only some of the reasons you should consider your customers as a marketing channel. It is well-known that great customer service can create brand loyalty, but customers also advocate for your business in other ways from interacting with your social media to building awareness of your company. Keep your customers in mind when planning your marketing strategy.


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