CHICAGO (CBS) – Thousands of people took the streets of Chicago last month for the “Day Without Immigrants” rally, hoping to send a clear message of the importance of immigrants in the United States.

Thousands of women are hoping to send that same message about women in the workplace on Wednesday.

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As CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports one company is closing for the day so its employees can take part.

It was business as usual on Tuesday at Paco Collective, but on Wednesday the cross-cultural marketing agency with big name clients like ComEd and Blue Cross Blue Shield, will be closing in solidarity with the “Day Without A Woman” movement.

“For us, the agency couldn’t exist without women,” said Ozzie Godinez, Paco Collective CEO & Co-Founder. “And it’s a real tangible sort of proof of the contributions that women make in particular to our business and our clients’ business.”

Godinez said women make up 73 percent of his work force of 50 employees. Many of them took time on Tuesday to write to lawmakers about the importance of equality for women in the workplace.

“I think the more women participate in this, the more we get heard, and the faster action will happen,” said Belinda Jones, Paco Collective employee. “Action, equality for women, equal pay, equal promotions, equal for all women.”

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This is not the first time Paco Collective has closed to support a cause. Last month it shut its doors for the “Day Without Immigrants” movement.

“In a tangible way, it would be thousands of dollars in man hours that we bill our clients, but we’re taking that on the chin for tomorrow to show that there’s real value to our business and our clients’ business,” Godinez said in response of the kind of business loss the day will have.

Paco employees said their commitment to the cause sends a clear message.

“We are not going to give up,” said Andrea Cicola, Paco Collective employee. “We always, in everything we do, we always try to be overachievers because of what women have gone through in history.”

Even though they are not working on Wednesday, all Paco employees will be paid.

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Godinez said many of his company’s clients were supportive of the decision to close. He plans to make this an annual event and hopes other companies will do the same.