(CBS) — Several female fast-food workers and their supporters observed International Working Women’s Day by demonstrating against sexual harassment in the workplace.

WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports from the Loop.

They chanted outside a Burger King restaurant at Jackson and Dearborn, where at least one former worker says she was sexually harassed. She and others have filed complaints.

Rachel Cockrell says she was fired for speaking out against her manager at another restaurant.

Organizers of the protest passed out six federal discrimination complaints filed against Burger King and McDonalds, alleging sexual harassment of fast food employees.

Karla Altmeyer, co-founder of the legal aid group called Healing to Action, said such abuse cannot be allowed. She says statistics show that women in low-wage jobs face such mistreatment many times more than their well-paid peers.

Members of the “Fight for 15” movement, who have been pushing for higher salaries for fast food workers, say employees at restaurants across Chicago have faced physical and verbal abuse.

Demonstrators said they hoped their action would give other women the courage to speak up.