Continuing education programs are perfect for keeping your skills sharp and enhancing your knowledge base. Even if you’ve already earned a degree, the pace of business changes at a feverish pace, and these classes can be an integral part of remaining competitive in the market. If your skills are getting rusty, or if you simply want to brush up on topics with which you are less familiar, check out the following continuing education classes.


Project Management Certificate Program

The University of Chicago Graham School’s Project Management certificate courses will allow you to learn the ins and outs of project management in an ever-changing business climate. Taught by professional project managers, this certificate program will allow you to manage tight deadlines, develop successful project strategies, manage relationships with clients and much more. The program is in-person and two-days a week. An application and acceptance is required.

Strategy Program

Learn to enhance your strategic thinking skills with the Strategy Program at the Booth School of Business. This program is part of the Executive Development school and contains sub-programs ranging from developing growth and management strategies to navigating mergers and acquisitions. The cost for each program is $10,500, and enrollment is open.

Business Writing and Communication Certificate Program

As an entrepreneur, you are likely performing many or all business functions yourself, including company communication. The Business Writing and Communication certificate program at Northwestern University will allow you to better make your point and devise a communication strategy to engage your clients. Courses include public relations, writing for media, composition, negotiation and more. more, and the price is $1,811 per course.

Digital Marketing Strategy Certificate Program

The Digital Marketing Strategy certificate program at DePaul University Continuing Education is part of the Executive Education Program. It teaches all of the fundamentals of digital marketing, and allows you to develop a comprehensive strategy. Digital marketing is one of the quickest, most cost effective ways to reach a broad audience, and this program will help you learn how to do so effectively. The program requires five classes and costs $1,195.

The Executive Program for Prospective CFOs

Another key component of managing a startup is proper financial knowledge. The Executive Program for Prospective CFOs at the University of Chicago Graham School covers all aspects of financial management from financial strategy and implementation to proper communication and negotiating tactics. The program costs $10,800, but after its completion, you will be able to confidently manage all financial aspects of your business.

Along with the programs listed above, there are many others to help you hone your management skills and increase your chances of success. Check out the continuing education offerings at all of the schools listed.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for CBS Small Business Pulse.