(CBS) White Sox television play-by-play man Hawk Harrelson hinted that he’ll once again reduce his broadcast work after the 2017 season, likely significantly, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday.

Like in 2016, Harrelson will work half the regular-season schedule by being on the broadcast for White Sox road games in 2017. After that, it doesn’t sound like he wants to do much broadcasting work in 2018 and beyond.

“Put it this way: It’s that time,’’ Harrelson told the Sun-Times.

“If I decide to do some games next year … it’s up to them.’’

Harrelson had indicated in the winter that he wanted to keep working until 2020, but he clarified that thought to the Sun-Times, saying he didn’t necessarily mean going that long in broadcasting but rather just being a part of the White Sox organization, perhaps in an ambassador role.

Jason Benetti does television play-by-play for White Sox home games and would pick up any of the work Harrelson gives up.