(CBS) — If you want some idea when the next big tornado may hit, you might want to listen to a professor of meteorology at the College of DuPage.

He’s already looking two or three weeks ahead.

The Ottawa-Naplate tornado at the end of February?

“That showed very strong signals early in February that we were going to be heading into an active period,” says Dr. Victor Gensini

He says he’s seeing more signs when he looks at the jet stream.

“What we’re seeing again are these signals across the Pacific that lead us to believe that the end of the month here — late March and into early April — things may be fairly active again,” Gensini tells WBBM’s Steve Miller.

That means more tornadoes.

“It’s like it’s heading towards the U.S. Somebody’s going to get it. We’re not sure who,” he says.

Not yet, but Gensini says the northern edge of what appears to be heading to the U.S. could include the Chicago area.

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