By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) Everybody saw her, because Lynn Marshall was apparently hard to miss in Indianapolis on Sunday. The wife of Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall was decked out in a Shockers jersey and cursing wildly from the stands during and the team’s 65-62 second-round loss to Kentucky.

Security personnel visited her multiple times during the game to try to calm her down, according to reports, and she was eventually asked to leave the arena before being escorted by a police officer to her husband’s postgame press conference.  Several onlookers presumed that she had been drinking, with the website opining that from the video, “You can tell Marshall is drunk.”

What’s turning this into a bigger deal is the decision by NCAA officials to crack down on a reporter at press row for tweeting video of her behavior. Kentucky Sports Radio’s Drew Franklin was told to delete the evidence, even as he was telling followers that he would post it again as soon as possible. It’s a mind-boggling move by the NCAA, assuming that it could possibly minimize any story that was unfolding in full view of everyone and observed by others in real time, and now it has ended up making something more of it than otherwise would be.

Marshall himself remains in the news despite his team’s loss, reportedly on the short list of those under consideration for the vacancy at Indiana. He might now face an uncomfortable question or two about what kind of sideshow he could potentially bring with him to Bloomington’s Assembly Hall.

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