CHICAGO (CBS) — The Park Forest Police Department decided to do its own take on late night comic Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ segments.

Park Forest Deputy Police Chief Christopher Mannino came up with the idea while putting together a lesson on social media for local police chiefs.

“I was using the Jimmy Kimmel ‘Mean Tweets’ bit to show them, give an example just how mean the Internet can be,” Mannino said.

The video is posted on the department’s Facebook and Twitter pages and includes police officers and department employees reading real tweets about the department.

Some highlights:

  • “Park Forest Police suck. I don’t even think they have detectives. They not gonna solve anything.”
  • “OMG. I’m shakin. I just got pissed cuz Park Forest police be so thirsty, I almost got another ticket in the same spot!!!”

The video included some more… colorful tweets as well.

“Police departments all across the country are trying to find creative ways to connect with the community. Sometimes that connection comes through laughter,” Chief Mannino said.

He added, “We’re not going to make everyone happy, and I guess it’s a way of saying, ‘Look, we’re good sports. We can laugh at it a little bit and have some fun with it. No hard feelings.'”

Perhaps one of the funnier Tweets was this: “Go away cops. There’s no need for you in Park Forest.” That was followed by a couple of officers in the video walking away saying, “In that case, we’re out of here. Let’s retire.”

Well done, Park Forest PD, well done.