CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Police are looking into a post on social media showing a toddler holding a handgun.

Someone alerted anti-violence activist Andrew Holmes to the picture posted on Facebook. A man with dreadlocks is standing in front of a mirror holding up a little girl, who is holding what looks like a handgun. WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

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“…She has the trigger finger on the trigger pointing it up,” Holmes said. “I mean, you are teaching them the wrong ways. You have to lead and raise the children right. If indeed she’s 3-years old and she sees a weapon, she will be dead before she turns four.”

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Holmes passed the photo onto police and filed a complaint with Area South Detectives.

“Immediately, I notified the authorities because we have to save their children’s lives. We just lost a 3-year old, who lost his life last week with a gun in his hand and this looks like a 3-year old with a gun in her hand,” Holmes said. “Whether it is an air gun, a BB gun or a real gun. It’s a gun’s inside of a child’s hand.”

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Holmes said this act is child endangerment.