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Many companies are highly familiar with certain aspects of cybersecurity, including threats to servers and computers. To protect sensitive data, most business owners employ the use of virus protection and spam filters. But with technology changing constantly, there are areas in which your company may be vulnerable. Learn where gaps in cybersecurity may exist in your business.


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1. Printers With Cloud Based Storage

New printers on the market have time saving features, including cloud storage and apps to help manage print jobs. However, these features can also make them vulnerable to hacking and other security threats. Combat these threats by making sure that all your connections and devices are secure.


2. Printers With Internal Storage

Along with cloud-based storage, internal storage must also be protected. If your company’s printer is stolen or thrown away, your company may be vulnerable. An article titled “Your Printer Could Be a Security Sore Spot” published by PC World states, “If your printer has an internal drive, it can store print jobs, scans, copies, and faxes. If someone steals the printer, or if you throw it out before properly erasing the data, someone might recover the saved documents.” To prevent this, it’s helpful to regularly purge the internal memory.


3. Smart Phones

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With many entrepreneurs controlling multiple aspects of business on their smartphones, it is important to treat these devices seriously regarding security. Many companies offer antivirus software for different smartphone operating systems. It is also important to keep your operating system updated to ensure that virus definitions are current, and change your password frequently to enhance your phone’s security.


4. Your Employees

Most employees are trustworthy, coming to work and performing their jobs reliably every day. However, there are some individuals who could pose a serious threat to your business. According to a blog post by the Harvard Business Review, “In the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, IBM found that 60 percent of all attacks were carried out by insiders.” There are many things your company can do to discourage employees from putting your business at risk, including quality control procedures, technology audits, software patches and more.


With today’s technology, cybersecurity is still a viable threat in most industries. Evaluating all of the areas in which your company may be vulnerable will help protect against these threats.


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